The Model is Not Your Friend

  The Model is Not Your Friend   By Andrew B. Hurvitz Two sober living men intoxicated by young beauties get drunk on self-deception.   There are some talented people here in Van Nuys. One, Hector Suarez, an artist, lives here, downwind from the smoky outdoor grill run by Dos Hermanos Hernández on Victory Boulevard,…

The White Defeatist

A progressive architect is forced to confront his assumptions about himself, his family and his city. After our mother’s funeral, I flew in a plane, from Little Rock to Los Angeles, accompanied by my older sister Stephanie and her catatonic, teenage son Norman. Over Arizona, I looked out at the vast, unpopulated desert below and…

Decline Press

“I can’t stand it! I can’t be around this war, these cops, and all these people trying to kill me! What if the building falls down? What if the cops kill me? This is war! This isn’t Van Nuys. This is a war zone!”

The Fitness Guru

  The Fitness Guru /At Oxnard Fitness in the San Fernando Valley, I see the same people doing the same dumb things for several years. If there is a badly conceived exercise, they still blindly do it and never cease doing it.