They Didn’t Believe Me

a short storyby Andrew B. Hurvitz 30 minute read Spotify soundtrack A young political assistant is unwittingly drawn into a plot to poison her boss with a toxic perfume. For two years I had a dream job: Chief of Staff for Councilwoman Hilary Flores, 6th District. She had recruited me, fresh out of college, and…

The White Defeatist

A progressive architect is forced to confront his assumptions about himself, his family and his city. After our mother’s funeral, I flew in a plane, from Little Rock to Los Angeles, accompanied by my older sister Stephanie and her catatonic, teenage son Norman. Over Arizona, I looked out at the vast, unpopulated desert below and…

Trade For Print

Trade For Print a short story  By Andrew B. Hurvitz   An unscrupulous photographer lures a postal worker into fraud by offering young love for sale. There was a photographer who lived and worked at the Tri-Pines Manor apartment on Chandler Bl. in North Hollywood. After leaving work at the post office I’d see him,…

Decline Press

“I can’t stand it! I can’t be around this war, these cops, and all these people trying to kill me! What if the building falls down? What if the cops kill me? This is war! This isn’t Van Nuys. This is a war zone!”

The Fitness Guru

  The Fitness Guru /At Oxnard Fitness in the San Fernando Valley, I see the same people doing the same dumb things for several years. If there is a badly conceived exercise, they still blindly do it and never cease doing it.