Exiles Under the Bridge, a novel

Exiles Under the Bridge “Exiles Under the Bridge” is a novel (125,000 words) about two families: one white, one HK Chinese, in 1980s, Pasadena, CA.   The book unfolds in a setting of affluence, privilege and natural beauty where the American Dream is within grasp. But their struggles and aspirations coincide with political conservatism, personal licentiousness,…

The Fitness Guru

  The Fitness Guru /At Oxnard Fitness in the San Fernando Valley, I see the same people doing the same dumb things for several years. If there is a badly conceived exercise, they still blindly do it and never cease doing it.      

“Such Happiness!”


Model A beautiful and privileged young girl is blissfully unaware of a shy man's affection for her. My mother told me that I'm one of those young men with low self-esteem who will always be grateful for the attention that any young woman throws my way. My mother told me that I did not have…